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Made to equip disciples in all kinds of work and youth ministry

Discipleship Pathway is a collection of incredible ministry trainers who have recorded and packaged their skills and wisdom into digital classes. No matter where you are in New Zealand, or what your skills, experience, or church resources look like, you and your team can access high-quality training. You can learn from home, or gather a ministry team to unpack and discuss topics together. With courses on Christian leadership, youth work, effective mission, personal wellbeing, and more, there's something for everyone!

Presented by some of Aotearoa's finest trainers

These youth work courses online are developed by respected leaders and teachers from across New Zealand, belonging to a variety of church denominations.


“The modules are professionally produced, using experts in each field, and can be used very effectively to gain an overview of a topic or they can be used as a team training exercise. I would highly recommend them to people.”


“It is practical, accessible and available. A great initiative - well done for putting it all together!”


“Free world-class videos with practical and relevant info for ministry in NZ. Highly recommended for all stages of faith.”


"The content full of practical discipling tools from experts in their fields, already serving God in New Zealand, so it's relevant to our context and culture."


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Our classes are made to be watched in many contexts - from the comfort of your own home to a ministry team gathering. This flexibility means it's up to you how you learn!

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