These leaders pass on skills and tools through formats such as in-person workshops, lectures, sermons and mentoring. Their training sessions are truly a taonga of the Church and have equipped thousands of disciples to live out their call. The challenge with these training opportunities is that they often require travel to a city, can only be done at a specific time and cost to attend.

A seed of a dream

In July 2020, after the first New Zealand lockdown, a seed of a dream was planted. What would it look like to take the knowledge, skills and tools shared in these training sessions and package them into a digital form that could be accessed by anyone in Aotearoa, at any time, for free? So began the journey of Discipleship Pathway.
A woman visits the Discipleship Pathway website on her computer from home

The journey begins

Over the following year my team and I invited a number of incredible ministry trainers to have their skills recorded as digital classes, with key elements broken into short videos. During this time we have had the privilege of creating some very special content that will ensure no matter where you are in New Zealand, no matter the Alert Level, no matter what your church resources are, you and your team can access high quality training.
Discipleship Pathway director Brad Wood sits with

Discipleship Pathway is a quality resource for all of God’s people throughout Aotearoa.

Join the adventure

We have started the journey of Discipleship Pathway focusing on youth ministry skills and over time we will release more classes which will provide training for church leadership, children’s ministry and forming disciples. We are at the very beginning of this adventure and hope that you will join us. Our prayer is that these classes will help to equip you for the call Christ has placed on your heart, whether you live in Auckland or Invercargill, Whangārei or Whakatū.
Youth ministry lecturer Phil Trotter speaks to camera with a microphone and large light on him

May you be blessed as you serve the Creator who is calling all people unto Himself.

Brad Wood - Discipleship Pathway Director