“I have just finished the 'Missional Community' class and I found it almost addictive, and couldn't wait to carry on to the next module. It feels widely relevant to church leadership, and has great references to other readings. All church groups should follow this.”


“Free world-class videos with practical and relevant info for ministry in NZ. Highly recommended for all stages of faith.”


“Key takeaways for me in Phil Trotter's Youth Essentials were in establishing a youth group. This was very relevant to my context and gave new, helpful insights. Also some incredible awareness and reads on the culture/world of a young person from Matt Maslin which helps to step into their shoes. Overall an incredible course on how to journey with young people through the many challenges life throws their way.”


"It is practical, accessible and available. A great initiative - well done for putting it all together!"


“Discipleship Pathway is an online self-directed series of video modules tackling a wide range of topics from self-care to youth ministry to missional communities. The modules are professionally produced, using experts in each field, and can be used very effectively to gain an overview of a topic or they can be used as a team training exercise. I would highly recommend them to people.”


“Pastoral Care with Merrilyn Withers gives a great introduction to pastorally caring for young people. The course offers comprehensive theories and stories/experiences that will equip you as a youth leader with tools for pastorally caring and guide you in how to use them.”


“I just completed the Pastoral Care class and whilst it was not 'rocket science', it was so great to hear from a church leader. Supporting young people in the ways discussed on this class is so so so very important. Thank you.”


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