Getting started

Starting a ministry, or joining an existing one? Have a dream somewhere in the back of your mind? There are many things to consider when you first enter a ministry in your neighbourhood. Nathan shares the lessons he's learned from his experience in community ministry to help you start off on the right foot. Learn from his practical advice on how to sustain a ministry and make it fruitful – and tips on what common mistakes to avoid.
Community ministry guru Nathan Hughes gesticulates to camera

Real advice from real people

Theory is one thing, and actual practice and application is another. Nathan gathers different community ministry leaders with real, on-the-ground experience to offer their two cents on a variety of issues. How do you share Jesus in a community setting? How do you set up something that will last? How do you bring a loyal team together? Ask the experts.

"Nathan has crafted the material well - the essence of each subject was clear and concisely communicated. It held the interest of my group really well. They appreciated the Biblical input, which anchored the subject."


Learning together

While you're more than welcome to watch this class alone, it also works great as a small group resource. Each module ends with a couple questions to get you thinking and talking. If you don't have a dedicated group of like-minded friends, use this series as an excuse to gather one!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Embrace Your Place

    • Embrace Your Place

  • 3


    • Incarnation

  • 4

    The Gift of Longevity

    • The Gift of Longevity

  • 5

    Learn Your Place's History

    • Learn Your Place's History

  • 6

    The Problem with the Lone Ranger

    • The Problem with the Lone Ranger

  • 7

    Making Evangelism Front and Centre

    • Making Evangelism Front and Centre

  • 8

    The Gift of Hospitality

    • The Gift of Hospitality

  • 9

    Getting Started and Getting Permission

    • Getting Started and Getting Permission

  • 10


    • Conclusion

  • 11


    • Congratulations