God's mission of reconciliation

Learn to look and live outward to what God is doing in the world with legends from the New Zealand Church Missionary Society. They share wisdom on how to grow our understanding, and practical rhythms to be followers of Jesus who desire God’s Kingdom flourishing in every person and culture.
Mission Enabler Kirstin Cant gestures to herself while talking

Right here, right now

You’re going to hear stories from the hosts on their personal journeys of engaging in global mission, teaching on some important mission concepts as well as offering some ideas for practical ways you can grow in being global disciples right here, right now.
A model of God's Mission of Restoration depicts a globe surrounded by the words 'God', 'Self', 'Creation' and 'Others'

Learning together

This class lends itself particularly well to small groups, and even comes with a printable booklet with suggested structures, practices and discussion questions for groups. Grab your mates and give it a go!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Learn: Practices for Growing as Global Disciples

    • Class Notes

    • Learn: Practices for Growing as Global Disciples

    • Class Notes: Learn

  • 2

    Read: God's Mission and Ours

    • Read: God's Mission and Ours

    • Class Notes: Read

  • 3

    Eat: Cultural Awareness

    • Eat: Cultural Awareness

    • Class Notes: Eat

  • 4

    Reflect: Differing Worldviews

    • Reflect: Differing Worldviews

    • Class Notes: Reflect

  • 5

    Listen: Gospel and Culture

    • Listen: Gospel and Culture

    • Class Notes: Listen

  • 6

    Unsubscribe: Digital Dignity

    • Unsubscribe: Digital Dignity

    • Class Notes: Unsubscribe

  • 7

    Choose: Ethical Consumption

    • Choose: Ethical Consumption

    • Class Notes: Choose

  • 8

    Connect: Relational Engagement

    • Connect: Relational Engagement

    • Class Notes: Connect

  • 9

    Go: Crossing Cultures Well

    • Go: Crossing Cultures Well

    • Class Notes: Go

  • 10


    • Congratulations

A delightful collaboration with the talented team from the New Zealand Church Missionary Society - NZCMS.