Potential perils

Whether you're a paid church employee or a ministry volunteer, things can get in the way of fruitful work and personal wellness. From burnout to miscommunication, this miniclass will explore a range of hazards and offer helpful advice and solutions to keep yourself well in whatever role you may serve in.
A list of potential hazards, including frustrating, miscommunication and stress.

From a ministry veteran

With 50 years of ministry experience under her belt, Merr Withers shares her wisdom on how to navigate church ministry in a healthy and sustainable way. With personal stories and a deep understanding of the hazards that can be involved in church work, you'll feel better equipped for the journey ahead.
Merr Withers gestures to her audience

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Keeping Yourself Well

    • Keeping Yourself Well

  • 2

    Attend to Yourself First

    • Attend to Yourself First

  • 3

    Keeping Personal Wholeness

    • Keeping Personal Wholeness