Learn from the legends

Fresh from running several intentional community houses themselves as a part of Anglican Youth Movement (AYM), Luke and Amilie Paynter describe their own experiences and share the most important lessons they learned over the years.
Amilie gestures as she explains a concept

Practical advice

Being involved in an intentional missional community can be a vulnerable commitment, and it's important to lay down clear structures and boundaries before you begin. Covering leadership, conflict, routines, communication and more, Luke and Amilie give their best advice on how to make it all work.
Luke Paynter explains a concept to his audience

"I have just finished the Missional Community class and I found it almost addictive - couldn't wait to carry on the next module. It feels widely relevant to church leadership, and has great references to other reading. All church groups should follow this."


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Know Your Why

    • Know Your Why

  • 2

    Integrity is Key

    • Integrity is Key

  • 3

    Go Deep

    • Go Deep

  • 4

    The Long Game

    • The Long Game

  • 5

    Clear Leadership

    • Clear Leadership

  • 6


    • Rhythms

  • 7


    • Adaptability

  • 8

    Having a Robust Support Crew

    • Having a Robust Support Crew

  • 9


    • Conflict

  • 10

    Grief and Celebration

    • Grief and Celebration

  • 11


    • Congratulations