Get inspired

The New Zealand Church Missionary Society team get together to share the stories that inspire and motivate them. Our Christian whakapapa has a rich history. This is not about the official re-telling of that history, however - it’s about the yarns, the juicy stories, the inspiration.
The NZCMS team stand together: Guy Benton, Keri-Ann Hokianga, Rosie Fyfe, Kirstin Cant and Nathan Hughes

Learn our stories

Hear a refreshing take on our history as the team talks about how our faith stories of the past inspire their mahi now. Learn about the tales of eccentric Count Zinzindorf and the Moravians, young Tarore and her father Ngākuku, the brave Clapham Sect and more.
A colourful graphic depicts two British missionaries speaking to a Māori man

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Zinzindorf and the Moravians

    • Zinzindorf and the Moravians

  • 3

    The Clapham Sect

    • The Clapham Sect

  • 4

    The Church Missionary Society: King and Kingdom

    • The Church Missionary Society: King and Kingdom

  • 5

    The Gospel in Aotearoa

    • The Gospel in Aotearoa

  • 6

    Passionate Young People

    • Passionate Young People

  • 7


    • Congratulations

A delightful collaboration with the talented team from the New Zealand Church Missionary Society - NZCMS.