Faith and Whānau

God created his Church as a vehicle for changing the world - it doesn't exist for itself. We know the majority of Jesus' ministry occurred outside of 'church'. What does it look like for us to join in on that mission as families, starting from our homes, our streets, and our neighbourhoods?
A simple graphic depicts an eye, a foot and a hand, symbolically representing those of Jesus'.

Christ has no body now on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours.

‎St. Teresa of Avila

Salt and light

Meet Greta Greenwood, overseer of children and families ministry in the Nelson Anglican Diocese. In partnership with Strandz, she's put together a wealth of wisdom and practical advice on how to be salt and light as a family unit. Join Greta as she looks at how families can be part of the whole Church whānau, embracing God's call to be hope-bearers and world-changers.
Nelson Anglican Children and Families Enabler Greta Greenwood teaches in a colourful Sunday school kids room

Learning together

This class lends itself particularly well to small groups, with course notes you can print and use to unpack and reflect on what you learn. Grab your team and give it a go together!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Class Notes

    • Reflection Questions

  • 2

    Strawberries and Salt

    • Strawberries and Salt

    • Reflection Questions

  • 3

    Start Where You Are

    • Start Where You Are

    • Reflection Questions

  • 4

    Wholehearted Communities

    • Wholehearted Communities

    • Reflection Questions

  • 5

    Created for Connection

    • Created for Connection

    • Reflection Questions

  • 6


    • Generosity

    • Reflection Questions

  • 7

    Caring for Our World

    • Caring for Our World

    • Reflection Questions

  • 8

    Fun and Games

    • Fun and Games

    • Reflection Questions

    • Game Suggestions

  • 9


    • Congratulations

A delightful collaboration with the talented team from Strandz - the hub of Children and Families ministry ​in the Anglican Dioceses of New Zealand.