Covering the essentials

Youth ministry lecturer Phil Trotter shares the wisdom from his years of experience as he teaches the most important aspects of Christian youth work. With support from Laidlaw teaching fellow Matt Maslin, this course covers topics like sustainable faith, youth culture in the digital age, successful mentoring, mental health, starting a programme and more.
Youth worker Phil Trotter gestures as he talks

Tips and practices

Phil shares practical advice on how to make youth group interactive, and the importance of having young people involved in and beyond church. This youth work course is helpful for all kinds of people - paid youth pastors to newcomers in ministry. Phil and Matt keep it real in their information and advice, encouraging a grounded understanding of the field.
A variety of symbols as part of Phil's 6 Symbol Method for Bible study in youth groups


“I’ve done most of the classes but one that stood out to me as excellent was Phil Trotter's Youth Essentials. It would be useful in training your youth leadership team.”


“Key takeaways for me in Phil Trotter's Youth Essentials were in establishing a youth group. This was very relevant to my context and gave new, helpful insights. Also some incredible awareness and reads on the culture/world of a young person from Matt Maslin which helps to step into their shoes. Overall an incredible course on how to journey with young people through the many challenges life throws their way.”


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Having a God's Eye View

    • Having a God's Eye View

    • Quiz Tips

    • Quiz 1

  • 2

    Getting Youth Involved in the Church

    • Getting Youth Involved in the Church

    • Quiz 2

  • 3

    Getting Youth Involved Beyond Church

    • Getting Youth Involved Beyond Church

    • Quiz 3

  • 4

    Teach Interactively

    • Teach Interactively

    • Quiz 4

  • 5

    How Culture Shapes Young People

    • How Culture Shapes Young People

    • Quiz 5

  • 6

    Be a Mentor

    • Be a Mentor

    • Mentoring Young People

    • Quiz 6

  • 7

    Creating Culture

    • Creating Culture

    • Quiz 7

  • 8

    No Elephants, No Eggshells

    • Content Warning

    • No Elephants, No Eggshells

    • Quiz 8

  • 9

    How to Start a Youth Group

    • How to Start a Youth Group

    • More Information

    • Quiz 9

  • 10

    Lead With Integrity

    • Lead With Integrity

    • Quiz 10

  • 11


    • Feedback Survey

  • 12


    • Congratulations